Lockdown saved me from Autistic Burnout

I have a feeling a lot of my initial posts here are going to begin with "something something during the diagnostic process". I gained many insights into (and realisations about) myself as I was getting the diagnosis. It felt to me, in a way, like therapy sessions. Or: I was reminded of moments in previous… Continue reading Lockdown saved me from Autistic Burnout

Asparagus: Who am I?

I went through an Autism Diagnosis and got my results last week: Asperger. Now I’m physically holding the answer to what I thought was “wrong” with me in in form of a 5-page clinical-psychological report. After a life of social awkwardness, sensory overload, executive function issues and trying to “fix” what’s “broken” socially and emotionally, I can’t put into words the relief I feel.